As a person ages, mineral exposure causes the teeth to gradually darken. Over time, some food, drink, or tobacco products also create unattractive yellowish-brown stains.  Less commonly, you may experience discoloration due to some medications or bacterial infections.

We offer teeth whitening treatments for eliminating discoloration to give you a brighter, more attractive smile. 

Whitening procedures are not a solution for all discoloration (e.g. darkening caused by cavities). Similarly, whitening does not work on all stains.  Dr. Gentile is committed to helping you choose the best option for your personal situation.  Some cases that are not appropriate for whitening procedures can be effectively treated with restorative options.

Whitening Procedures

Dr. Gentile will fit a tray to your bite, and provide you with a mild whitening gel. Over a course of weeks or months, you regularly apply the gel to your teeth using the tray.