Cone Beam CAT Scans

A key to the safety and success of complex dental surgery is advanced radiography. Cone beam digital CAT scanning allows us to take 3-Dimensional, high resolution CAT scans of your facial anatomy. We can then view these images from different angles, take precise measurements, and easily share 3-D data with other doctors.

Cone beam imaging is ideal for patient comfort. It offers an "open-environment" design that reduces anxiety, and images can be taken in as little as 8.5 seconds, limiting discomfort and exposure to radiation.

For more information on cone beam imaging, please visit i-CAT Imaging.

Low Radiation Digital X-Rays

Our office uses DEXIS digital x-ray technology.

Digital X-Rays are taken with very low radiation and have more flexibility in terms of rendition. They are also more convenient when planning treatment among different practitioners.

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